3d architectural visualization

Interior house. Animation 1280 dpi to 1600 frames in the period of 9 days of modelingand 2 days (RenderFarm) of rendering have been developed.
Walkthrough for a building remodeling including approach and interior showing. Animation 1280 dpi of 1000 frames which was developed in 7 days of modeling and 5 days of rendering


Abstract movie which shows the birth of the concept for a housing building. Animation 1280 dpi of 450 frames which was developed in 1 days of modeling and 2 days of rendering

Animation of the constructive process of house since the founding until the end of the construction. Animation 1280 dpi of 6000 frames which was developed in 23 days of modeling and 35 days of rendering.

Music Composition and Adaptation.

Rokas Kucinskas